TECLA offers an emergency support service to handle situations with multiple losses and claims, using the necessary technical and human resources rapidly and making the intervention effective, agile and efficient, supporting it with our digital tools.

The efficiency of this process has been demonstrated on numerous occasions in Spain where we carry out comprehensive claims management covered by Consorcio de Compensación de Seguros (CCS), a state-owned enterprise attached to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, providing cover to the extraordinary risks.

In Spain, it is compulsory to extend the coverage of most property loss and all personal injury and business interruption insurance lines to cover the damages caused by the so-called ‘extraordinary risks’. These can be of natural origin, i.e. floods, strong winds, earthquakes, tornadoes, wave battering or tsunamis, or caused by social and political violence, such as terrorism.

We file the claim with CCS on behalf of insurers, manage the whole operation, deal with all the bureaucracy, working in coordination with the Spanish authorities and finally drastically reducing the outlay of underwriters for the settlement of each claim.